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2010 Greater Syracuse Business of the Year
C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc.
Certified NYS Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)

How to Succeed in a Job Interview ~ A blog by Corey O’Neill

          We have all been there, sitting in the waiting room nervous and uncomfortable waiting anxiously for an interview to start.  All of the questions you practiced in front of the mirror are jumbling together and then you scare yourself into believing you haven’t prepared enough for the barrage of… Read More »

10 Reasons to Move to Syracuse – By Elizabeth Eley

Every internet article I seem to read this time of year is a Top 10 List. With that in mind, I am compiling my Top Ten Reasons to Move to Syracuse. What makes me qualified to write this blog? Well, I am an expert on Syracuse.  I have lived here for four… Read More »

Why not Volunteer?

With the holidays right around the corner, why not take a few hours of your time and volunteer?  Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help make the holidays a happy time for everyone.  If you think there is not enough time to volunteer, organizations are very willing to work… Read More »

The “Real World” ~ A blog by Alexis Grace

The transition from college to the “real world” can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. With so many changes going on, most people are unsure of which step to take first. As obvious as it may seem, the first step any recent college graduate should… Read More »

Four steps to a Successful Job Hunt

When conducting your job search, in order to improve your odds for success during your job search, there are four key steps you need to follow.  This will place you above your competition and on the path to success! First, you must prepare yourself.  PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE.  In almost any interview… Read More »

Tips to Reignite Your Job Search, by Michelle Jevis PHR

Published in the Syracuse Post Standard, January 31, 2011 It’s a new year, and the economy is showing signs of life. That means many people who need a job are aggressively starting to look again. If you have been putting off your job search and are ready to re-ignite it, here are… Read More »

Five Steps to a Great Job Interview

Some lucky people look at a job interview with happy anticipation. Others -- most of us -- don't. Here are some tips to help you ace the job interview. 1) Before you go to the interview, be sure you've researched the company a bit. Study the website, Google the firm and see… Read More »

Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

The differences between Boomers and Generation X workers is both more simple and complex than one would think. Or so says research conducted by the University of Illinois and published in the Academy of Management Review in 2010 . The study found that companies lean toward relying on stereotypes at the expense… Read More »