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2010 Greater Syracuse Business of the Year
C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc.
Certified NYS Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)

Do You Have a Job Mentor? ~ By Christina Alexander

I bet the thought of having a job mentor never crossed your mind.  To tell you the truth, it never crossed mine.  I didn’t even entertain such a thought until I read David Gee’s article, “What Has A Mentor Meant To You?”  I’ve certainly had my fair share of mentors… Read More »

Millennials Getting more Creative, Pushing the Job Envelope ~ By Christina Alexander

When the traditional cover letter wasn’t cutting it, Bennett Olson decided to take the path least traveled when it came to landing a position within the work force: the billboard. After losing his job at a local casino, the 22-year old thought outside the box and invested $300 into an 8-second… Read More »

Rare “Thank You” Letter is Coming to Fruition ~ By Christina Alexander

Career Strategist Julie Bauke calls it the “big boy/big girl” letter. What is it you may ask? It’s a letter sent by the candidate who was passed over in the final hiring decision, thanking the manager for the interview. Yes, this gesture is a rarity, but it could work to one’s advantage in… Read More »

Tweeting 101 ~ By Christina Alexander

The Twitter-verse isn’t just a one-stop shop for celebrity gossip anymore.  Companies are jumping on the bandwagon and utilizing Twitter more than ever to establish budding relationships with industry gurus, in-house and agency recruiters, corporate brands, and hiring managers. In “Can You Tweet Your Way to Your Next Job,” by Kelley… Read More »