CR Fletcher

2010 Greater Syracuse Business of the Year
C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc.
Certified NYS Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)

Welcome to London 2012 ~ By Kiven Pierre

On your marks…get set…TWEET! Within a few hours the Olympics will be upon us, and whether you’re a sports enthusiast like myself or just a casual fan you are sure to be caught up in the spectacle that is the Olympics. However, considering that this will be the first Olympic… Read More »

Mobile Recruiting: A Short Introduction ~ By Kiven Pierre

Mobile devices have come a long way from the over-sized ‘walkie-talkies’ that once passed for phones and the huge bricks that passed for laptops. They are slimmer, more connected, and, of course, smarter. As the recruiting world steadily progresses towards a more social approach it was only a matter of… Read More »

The ‘Social Recruiting’ Showdown! ~ By Kiven Pierre

In the blue corner it’s the reigning professional network, with over 150 million users, thousands of groups, and members from all Fortune 500 companies - LinkedIn…and in the ‘other’ blue corner, with over 900 million users, 69 million likes, and a recently launched app center, it’s none other that the… Read More »

Are You Really LinkedIn? ~ By Kiven Pierre

Let’s face it, as time progresses the relevance of social networking mediums in the workplace increases. As more companies turn to these networks for various reasons – from advertising to recruiting – the need for understanding the best practices of each site cannot be emphasized enough. Moreover, as the importance… Read More »

Business Clichés to Avoid (Part 1) ~ By Kiven Pierre

Many of us, including myself, have used a word or phrase just because we heard someone else use it – half the time without fully knowing what it means. Remember that feeling you got when you heard someone use a word or phrase out of context? Now, imagine giving a… Read More »