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Holiday Liability, By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

According to a recent article published by Huffington Post, the amount of companies holding holiday work parties has increased a sizable amount since the recession caused many corporations to halt or cancel their holiday festivities in years past.  Time and time again you will hear the common “Do’s and Do… Read More »

Workplace Bullying By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

Bullying is a term defined as utilizing “force, threat, or coercion to impose domination over others”.  Sadly, throughout the years we have seen this unfold in our school systems, associated with elementary, middle and high school aged children.  However, bullying is now not just being observed with school aged children. … Read More »

Your Bosses Favorite

Recently, while perusing some publications by Forbes, an article caught my attention strictly due to its title.  “9 Ways To Win Over Your Boss”, written by a Forbes staff member named Jacquelyn Smith. This got me thinking to the days in High School and College where as a student, most would… Read More »

Surviving Open Enrollment by: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

“Its the most wonderful time of the year”...No, not the holiday season...Open Enrollment! Many organizations are beginning to buckle down and open their enrollment period for their employees.  During open enrollment, employees are able to opt in or out of their employers health plans and make changes to any benefit plans… Read More »

Time to Hang-Up, Marielle Lanoir

Recently, while talking to an individual that I know, they were discussing their work day and while doing so, went onto confide that they were very frustrated with one of their co-workers, as this individual had a habit of taking numerous personal calls a day at their desk.  Though the… Read More »

The “Social Hire”

The discussion and debate is currently ongoing when it comes to the topic of utilization of social media when hiring.  Though some may simply think of Facebook when talking about social media, there are many other social media avenues that are growing in popularity.  Twitter, MySpace and even LinkedIn are… Read More »

What’s “IT” All About?

By Kara Supple, Recruiting Assistant I recently read an article titled; “Tech hiring accounts for 10% of U.S. employment gains” and a quote by David Foote, chief analyst, caught my eye, “While the pace of job creation in the national labor force appears stuck at 7.6% unemployment and new jobs are… Read More »

Time to get “Linked”

By: Marielle Lanoir Whether you are an individual entering your professional career, or an individual 5 years shy of retirement, chances are you have heard of LinkedIn.  LinkedIn prides itself in being the “Worlds Largest Professional Network”, bringing 225+ million members together through professional experiences, connections and other affiliations.   From a Recruiter’s… Read More »

Drug Free Work Environment

By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR There are many reasons as to why an organization would want to promote a drug free working environment; the most common way to achieve this is through conducting drug testing which will help to ensure the workplace remains as safe and productive as possible. Unsure what steps to… Read More »

Summer Employee Appreciation Ideas

As much as we all hate to admit it, Summer seems to be flying by.  Year after year that is a statement many of us will make, but for some reason it seems to really be the case this year!  Next week will be the last full week of July. … Read More »