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Demands for Grads on the Rise – By Kara Supple

The job market has been a challenge for many, but that may be changing for 2013 graduates in the legal and accounting fields. In the articles “Demand for Accounting Grads Reaches All-time High” by Chris Baysden published in the Journal of Accountancy  and “One in Three Lawyers Plans to Add… Read More »

Lace Up at Lunch!

It is no secret, most of us Americans lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  We no longer need to walk 5 miles-up hill both ways of course-to get to work or school.  Dinner can be  ready before you are even home from work, thanks to inventions like microwaves and crock-pots, no… Read More »

To LOL or To Not LOL…

Recently, while having a conversation with an individual in the office, the topic of appropriate email language was brought up.  Specifically, the use of the ever so popular “:)” (smiley faces) or “LOL” (laugh out loud).  I think that there are many aspects that need to be considered while determining… Read More »

Great Questions To Ask During Your Interview – By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

Many of us have been on the other side of that conference room table, having question after question thrown in your direction. What are your salary requirements? What are your strengths? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Some of these questions can be scary, intimidating and frustrating at… Read More »