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It’s Finally Here… The New I-9…

Finally, a new topic that you can discuss around the water cooler and in the break room.  No, not this lovely “spring” weather.  No, not Syracuse Basketball and the Final Four.  Yes, that’s right, the new and improved I-9 Form... United States Citizenship and Immigration Services rolled the revised I-9 Employment… Read More »

March Madness ~ By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

When you hear the phrase “March Madness” most individuals instantly think of terms including basketball, brackets, and if you live in Central New York...S.U. However, there may be a new “Madness” to think about this month....Hiring! In an article just published by the Society for Human Resource Management (, it was stated… Read More »

The Perfect Job Description

Employers turn to C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc. to assist them in finding top-notch employees that will not only assist the company with its growth and success in the future, but also to aid in making sure the future employee will feel connected to the company, the culture and the position. Many… Read More »

Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

The differences between Boomers and Generation X workers is both more simple and complex than one would think. Or so says research conducted by the University of Illinois and published in the Academy of Management Review in 2010 . The study found that companies lean toward relying on stereotypes at the expense… Read More »

How Employers Can Help Attack Obesity

In a  recent survey of employees at various organizations, workers said that they could do more to eat better and be more active at work, and that employers could do more to increase health and wellness in the workplace. Human resource experts also say that if companies provide the resources for… Read More »

Common Workplace Annoyances

Do you ever feel that work would be pretty dandy if it weren't for, well....your co-workers? They can be so annoying at times. The gum popping. The Facebook surfing. The messy desks. The gossip. The backstabbing. If you do sometimes wish your co-workers would just stay home more often than not, you're… Read More »