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Central New York & Commuting – By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR

There were many days, while driving to work on 690 West from Fayetteville, that I remember sitting on the highway in standstill traffic for what seemed like forever.  Some  days I would leave obnoxiously early, due to the 3 road cones between the Midler and Teall exits, that seemed to wreak havoc on the morning commuter crowd, and slow the 12 mile drive down significantly. Looking back, I am fairly certain over the course of nearly 5 years, I only sat in traffic for more than 40 minutes twice.  It rarely took me more than 15 minutes to travel into Downtown Syracuse. Those days that I “sat” in traffic, were probably partially due to my late departure from home in the morning. Sure, there are days when that white precipitation throws us a curve ball and adds on some time, but that is something we are all accustom to at this point.

While watching the Today Show this morning, there was a clip that showed a video depicting the “The Toughest Commute Ever”.  In this clip, it showed workers getting into the bucket of a bulldozer to cross a river, just to get into another bulldozer bucket, which would then take them to their work station.  Though an extreme example, this made me laugh and think about how wonderful a commute most Central New Yorkers have.  Yes, everyone will run into a day or two when there is an unexpected backup, but for the most part the majority of daily commutes in CNY are fairly ideal.

U.S. News recently came out with an online article, which can be viewed on, reporting that some American’s are now considered “mega commuters”, meaning they travel more then 90 minutes to work daily.  Daily News reported in 2011 that Los AngelesCounty commuters had a daily drive of an hour or more.  However, per the United States Census, in 2011 the average commuter time for individuals 16 years of age and older was around 17 minutes, in the City of Syracuse.

If you are considering relocating to the Central New York area and are looking for one more reason to add to your “Pro-Move” column, include shorter commute time.  There are beautiful communities around the Downtown Syracuse area, that would provide you with a great commute time in the morning and afternoon, as well as wonderful city living options, allowing you to walk to work!  This in-turn will allow you to spend more time at home with your family or simply allow you to spend more time participating in some of the great recreational activities the area has to offer.

Shorter commutes…..Just another reason why I Love “Central” New York!

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