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How and Why to Give Feedback to Your Recruiting Service

For recruiting services, maintaining good communication with hiring managers is important.  It improves the chances for hiring the best person for the job.

Feedback is also important for finding out how the candidate perceived the interview process.  The recruiting service should get in touch with the candidate shortly after his or her interview with the company’s hiring managers to get the candidate’s opinions and also to answer any questions or to clear any misunderstandings that may have resulted from the interview.

As part of the feedback process, the recruiter should find the answers to several questions, including what the job candidate learned about the position, what he or she liked most and least about the position, whether or not he or she would accept a job offer, whether compensation was discussed, and whether the candidate has any questions or concerns about the position.  If the candidate does have questions, the recruiter can then answer them immediately, rather than letting them remain as concerns in the candidate’s mind.

After the recruiting service gets the answers to these questions, they should give the feedback to the hiring managers at the company, to give them critical insight about the candidate’s experience.

Through this feedback, company interviewers can determine what things they are doing that impress candidates, and what needs to be changed.  They can find out how well they are doing in terms of selling the job to candidates and where there might be breakdowns in the process.  If for example, the recruiting service finds out that the candidate didn’t think the interviewers were particularly knowledgeable about the job skills and requirements, they can take steps to work on this area in future interviews.

The feedback would let the hiring manager know of the candidate’s interest in the position, opening the way to an offer, or helping to remove roadblocks to closing the deal.  Conversely, the feedback would let the hiring manager know if the candidate really wasn’t all that excited about the position.

The recruiter get feedback from the hiring managers at the company, regarding questions they have about the candidate and the candidate’s perception of them.

This kind of feedback among all the parties involved – the recruiting agency, job candidate, and hiring managers – plays an important role in getting to a final commitment.  Time can very often be the enemy in these situations, and using this feedback approach reduces the amount of time in reaching a deal.  This kind of feedback will greatly improve the ratio of good hires.

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