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Lace Up at Lunch!

It is no secret, most of us Americans lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  We no longer need to walk 5 miles-up hill both ways of course-to get to work or school.  Dinner can be  ready before you are even home from work, thanks to inventions like microwaves and crock-pots, no more hunting and foraging required.
What does this mean for the workplace?  There have been proven links to physical activity and performance at work.  Walking during your lunch can allow you to return to work feeling refreshed and energized.  It provides you an opportunity to get fresh air and a change of scenery, which often helps to clear your mind of any stressful situations that may have occurred that morning.
In a study conducted in London, it was concluded that there are also many benefits to employers allowing their employees to take time away from their desk during lunch and walk.  The study stated that it was shown employers who encouraged physical activity within the workplace had reduced sickness costs and absences as well as increased employee commitments to work and productivity.  The British Heart Foundation stated that physical active employees take 27% less sick days than non-active employees.
The American Heart Association states that walking can help enhance mental well being and improve blood sugar levels, subsequently improving your overall mood in the workplace.
There are many ways to incorporate a 15 minute walk into your daily work routine.
-Park a block away from work, instead of the closest spot you can find.
-Forego the elevator and instead walk up and down the stairwell.
-Form a walking group in your office and designate a quick 15 minute route that
you walk together.
-Form a walking group with individuals outside of your office.  This might have
added networking benefits!
So during your next lunch hour, when you are asking yourself what you should do, throw on your sneakers and Lace Up at Lunch!

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