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Mobile Recruiting: A Short Introduction ~ By Kiven Pierre

Mobile devices have come a long way from the over-sized ‘walkie-talkies’ that once passed for phones and the huge bricks that passed for laptops. They are slimmer, more connected, and, of course, smarter. As the recruiting world steadily progresses towards a more social approach it was only a matter of time before the fairly new concept of ‘social recruiting’ eventually became ‘mobile recruiting’.

The fact is that as more and more job seekers adapt to a mobile life centered on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops recruiters and employers alike will have to adapt as well – essentially reaching candidates through those brightly lit mobile screens. According to one article published back in May on the website, approximately 70% of job seekers would like to use their phones (and in my opinion, their other mobile devices) for career related purposes, while only 3% of employers have a mobile job app. Seems to me like employers have some catching up to do, and to help here is an article with some mobile applications you might find useful. 

Perhaps one of the most important things about mobile recruiting is that it may in fact help recruiters to attract the young and tricky ‘millennial’ demographic. As research suggests, the best means of attracting these individuals is to build relationships with them before they enter the market; and to show off what it’s like to work in your company via short videos or podcasts. What better way to achieve this than through mobile media. Take QR codes for example – originally used in promotional campaigns and advertising, these two-dimensional codes that resemble a digitized bar-code have made there way into recruitment, and can now be linked to various types of engaging content. For some examples of how QR codes are used in recruiting check out this website. the use of QR codes has become so prevalent that virtually anyone can create their own – check out the one I created below (and by check I mean scan with your smart phone of course).


No mobile recruiting strategy would be complete without the right tool (or in this case device) for the job, and the manufacturers have taken notice! Within the past few weeks alone we have been inundated with news surrounding new and upcoming mobile devices such as Microsoft’s Surface tablet, the Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone, the inevitable iPhone 5, and my personal favorite Google’s Nexus 7 tablet (which is on my wish list in case anyone thought to get me an early Christmas present). In addition to having the latest and greatest device at your side, as recruiters you need to ensure that your mobile website and/or your mobile application are effectively improving the job seekers experience. Not being able to search for and apply to one of your jobs via a mobile device can both negatively impact your brand and drive candidates to your competitors. 

So what have we learnt today? Go mobile or go out of business…it’s that simple. Stay tuned for more social, mobile, and recruiting updates. Also share with us your favorite mobile devices and recruting apps below.

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