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Pass with C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc. – A blog by Marielle Lanoir, PHR

As an employer, you may spend months putting together the perfect organizational chart, budgeting for and creating much needed positions and then drafting detailed job descriptions.  After extending employment offers, you realize that you do not have the resources that would allow you to run a background check to confirm that your new hire does in fact check out with that Dual Major and MBA.  What do you do now?!

Though there are many benefits in utilizing C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc. for your hiring needs, one of the great benefits is our firms resources when coming to background checks.  Utilizing C.R. Fletcher for your next hire means you will have option to run various background and credential checks on your newly hired employee, if necessary.  Not only do we do our due diligence in completing all necessary reference checks and employment verifications by checking past dates employed etc., but we are partnered with highly reputable resources that can run and complete various types of “checks” including, but not limited to, educational verifications, criminal background checks, credit checks and Department Motor Vehicle record checks. C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc also has the ability and resources to provide accurate pre-employment drug tests, sometimes offering same day test results.

Many employers may ask themselves “Why conduct a background check?”.  Sometimes, once organizations have hired an individual through us, they want to confirm the validity of a college degree, making sure the individual did in fact graduate with a BS, BA, AS etc., and then taking it a step farther and confirming what area that degree was obtained in (ie: marketing, accounting, information technology etc.).  Organizations have also requested at times that pre-employment drug tests be completed as a condition of employment, as they may have a 100% drug free work environment.  Employers may find that credit checks are necessary for a certain position, as that employee will be handling liquid assets on a daily basis or may be responsible for the company banking. Will your next employee be driving a company car from time to time? You may want to run a Department of Motor Vehicles check to make sure that individual has a driving record that is up to par with your requirements.

Don’t allow yourself to fall short in your next hire.  Call C.R. Fletcher Associates at 315-471-1000 and let your  Recruiter know you may be interested in completing a background check.   Let us help ensure your next hire “Passes”!!

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