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Recession-Proof Résumés: Get Hired Before Everyone Else

How do you write that perfect résumé that will land you the job you want?  Here are a few tips.

First, figure out what your job search objective is.  What is the particular job you are looking for?  What is the job you want to do?  Planning your objective will help you focus everything else that follows.  The format of your whole résumé will revolve around that objective, and you won’t come across as vague or unsure of yourself.

You also need to think of your résumé as an advertisement, not just a list of things.  Your résumé is a way of selling yourself.  When you compose it, you need to think of what you need to say that will put you in the best light, what will pique the interest of a hiring manager enough to pick up the phone and call you?  What makes you special or unique?

The purpose of the résumé is to land you an interview, not a job.  You don’t need to include every last little detail.  As was mentioned, you need to generate enough interest in the employer so that he or she will call you.

Keep things simple and direct, clear and concise.  You want to use bullets and short sentences, which will make it easier to read.  Leave white space.  Don’t use a font smaller than 10 points.  Also, use action words.  This will give your writing more power and make it more compelling.  Use numbers, and dollar amounts and percentages, which stick out in your résumé.

You want to put your strong points up front.  Save the lists of employers and educational institutions for the end.  Lead with your strengths and your selling points.  Look at the ads for the job you are applying for, and match the keywords used in the job ad with the bullet points in your résumé.  Also, use the buzzwords of your particular field or profession, which will help show your competence in the field.

Figure out what in your background is irrelevant to the job you are applying for and leave it out.  For example, if there are some duties in your current job that have nothing to do with the job you are applying for, don’t include them.  If you think including your date of graduation from college may cast you in a negative light with your age, don’t include it.  Focus on the things that support your job objective.

And again, use the résumé to show breadth of knowledge and experience, rather than waste space going into detail or depth.  Save showing your depth of knowledge for the interview.

Have someone take a look at your résumé.  She may find things that you missed.  Ask her if she found it engaging and interesting.

Finally, a point about résumé length.  Conventional wisdom says you should keep the résumé to one page, two at most.  Generally, this is pretty good advice. But it’s not set in stone.  Again, you need to look at your objective and what you need to do to best advertise yourself, and if you find that you can do it best in a résumé that is longer than two pages, then do it.

When looking for your next great position in the Syracuse area, Bring your résumé to C.R. Fletcher Associates, Inc. We have many career and temporary positions just waiting for your skills and terrific work ethic. We look forward to hearing from you!

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