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Social Media: A Blog by Nancy Kelley Gearhart

There is no doubt that you have heard criticism on all levels about social media. I am one of the worst offenders of this. When my kids were in college all I heard about was “facebook” and all of the inappropriate comments and pictures that were being posted on the internet. Being in my industry the first thing I thought of when I heard that was: “how would that look if your employer were to get their hands on it?” I would constantly tell my kids that they need to delete their facebook accounts before they start interviewing for jobs. Well, I will admit it, I was wrong… somewhat. There is undoubtedly still an abundance of dangerous scenarios to fall victim to on websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but social media channels are becoming one of the most popular marketing tools available. I am still trying to figure out how to text message when all of the sudden I receive a message from my cell phone’s facebook application… which I was unaware I even had. Being well versed in Facebook is becoming nearly as valuable as your Microsoft Office skills. Your ability to maintain relationships via social media networking sites can now be viewed as an indicator of your personality. My advice to any individual is to take advantage of things like Facebook but use good judgment in the process. Whether you think so or not, your “security settings” on these websites don’t always block others from viewing content. Make sure whatever gets associated with your name on Facebook as well as anywhere on the internet is clean and appropriate. In less than 5 years internet social media networking has changed from a means for college kids to keep themselves occupied when they aren’t “studying” to a networking tool for people of all ages. It’s an extremely powerful tool that can have dramatic effects both positively and negatively. If it has grown this much in such a short period of time just imagine what it will do in the next five years!

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