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Staying Productive during the Summer ~ By. Kiven Pierre

Okay, so summer is here and while this means increased demand for some companies it also means a slow down for others. No matter what the situation is in your company, you can bet your last dollar that your boss will expect you to be as productive as possible. So even as you daydream about being anywhere but your desk (for me its under a shady palm tree), below are a few tips to keep you focused on the task at hand – not just during summer, but throughout the year as well. 

1. Make a List – Following my first eight weeks as an MBA candidate atSyracuseUniversity, I learned first hand the importance of using to-do-lists. Experts recommend having more than one list to differentiate between long-term and short-term objectives. Also, mark tasks that can be delegated and actually delegate them. Just be sure not to make lists that are unrealistically long. 

2. Clear Your Mind – You can do this in a number of ways including walking around the block or office, chatting with a colleague, spending five minutes to check your social media page, and even brushing your teeth. Yes, brushing your teeth. A recent Forbes article says that the symbolism of removing plaque can be good when you are feeling sluggish. So the next time you catch your self dozing off at work, break out the Colgate! 

3. The In-Box is not your Friend – For most of us emails can quickly become a huge hindrance as the in-box quickly fills up with messages. Author of the book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, David Allen, suggests that we deal with an email right away if responding or disposing of it takes less than two minutes. Also, keep your emails short and to the point, send less to receive less, and it might be worth your while to remove the notification that flashes every time you get a new email. 

4. “Plan Your Play” – Most workplace experts agree that every employee needs a break. So whether it’s your vacation time or just a day off, be sure to communicate with your boss to make sure the time is agreeable. Also, be sure to schedule any other important summer events so that you can plan your work around them. 

Keep in mind that saving time means nothing if you don’t do anything with it. So make use of the time you save by getting a head start on upcoming projects – even if it’s just spending a few minutes to brainstorm ideas or plan your approach, take a few minutes a day to just ‘think’. 

For some additional tips see the link below, and do share with us at CR Fletcher Associates how you plan to stay productive during the summer and beyond.

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