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Summer Employee Appreciation Ideas

As much as we all hate to admit it, Summer seems to be flying by.  Year after year that is a statement many of us will make, but for some reason it seems to really be the case this year!  Next week will be the last full week of July.  Though many of us have struggled to stay cool this week with temperatures in the 90’s, we all love these warm summer months.

Memorial Day through Labor Day tends to be the corporate Summer calendar period.  This time frame can mean many different things in the workplace.  It could be the start of a more relaxed dress code, or your office might have a great summer party that employees can attend.  Summer is a great time of the year to reward your employees and give them some recognition.

Struggling to think of ways to reward your employees this summer?  Here are a few great ideas that will surely receive a positive response!

Summer Hours
Changing your hours for the month of August could have a profound effect on your employees.  Simply allowing employees to arrive early at work so they can leave a few hours early on Fridays, or have half day Fridays could have a huge effect on their morale.  Office too large to instill this company wide?  Maybe alternate half day Fridays between different departments, or formulate a rotating schedule.  You could also have a drawing where one employee from every department could win a half day Friday, or free vacation day.

Ice Cream Friday
I have yet to meet an individual that does not enjoy a cold ice cream on a hot summer day.  Contact your favorite local ice cream shop and inquire as to if they have an ice cream truck that could come to your office location during employees lunch hour.  Providing your employees with a cold sweet treat might be just what they need to get them through these hot summer days!

Summer Picnic or Luncheon 
Suggest a picnic or luncheon be thrown in the office.  Employees could work together, form the menu and everyone could bring a dish to pass.  Too many or too little employees for passed dishes?  Have a casual Friday and order Pizza for the office!

Bagel Day
Surprise your employees with an assorted variety of Bagels and Cream Cheese.  This would be a great way to start or end your work week!
Your employees will surely enjoy any of the above ideas.  It will be a great opportunity to thank them for all that they do for you and your organization.

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