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Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

The differences between Boomers and Generation X workers is both more simple and complex than one would think. Or so says research conducted by the University of Illinois and published in the Academy of Management Review in 2010 . The study found that companies lean toward relying on stereotypes at the expense… Read More »

How Employers Can Help Attack Obesity

In a  recent survey of employees at various organizations, workers said that they could do more to eat better and be more active at work, and that employers could do more to increase health and wellness in the workplace. Human resource experts also say that if companies provide the resources for… Read More »

Common Workplace Annoyances

Do you ever feel that work would be pretty dandy if it weren't for, well....your co-workers? They can be so annoying at times. The gum popping. The Facebook surfing. The messy desks. The gossip. The backstabbing. If you do sometimes wish your co-workers would just stay home more often than not, you're… Read More »

Telecommuting Alleviates Worker Stress

If you have employees who telecommute "to" work, they're likely less stressed and enjoy their jobs more than people doing similar work at your firm on site. Such is the finding of a recent University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) study. Researchers compared those workers who worked from home at least three days… Read More »

Using Recognition to Maintain Employee Morale

A recent survey of about 200,000 employees shows that employee morale is the lowest it’s ever been.  Employees report job satisfaction is minimal. In order to help raise the level of worker morale and motivation, one important tool that some HR specialists advocate is using praise and recognition.  The lack of… Read More »

The Value of High-Level Contract Staff

When companies think of hiring temporary workers, it’s usually clerical or mid-level managers that come to mind.  But more and more in the fast-paced business world, companies are turning to contract employees to fill executive level positions, including CFOs and CEOs. In today’s business environment, companies often cannot afford to go… Read More »

Motivation Secrets: Getting Beyond Pay Raises

It goes without saying that fair compensation for your employees is a necessity for motivation.  But assuming your workers have an adequate -- even excellent -- pay scale, and you want to make sure your employees are giving 100 percent effort, is the answer more money? Surprisingly, no.  While bonuses are… Read More »

What is Temp-to-Hire and Why You Should Consider It

If your company needs more personnel, but is not sure for how long, or if you want to try out a new employee, temp-to-hire staffing may be the way to go. With temp-to-hire an independent firm will advertise the job, evaluate resumes, interview the applicants, and test them in the relevant… Read More »

Motivating Temporary Employees

If you use temporary employees on a regular basis, you're undoubtedly finding how critical they are to your company's long- and short-term success. You even may be using temporary employees in positions that are critical to company's future. And, while you know how important it is to keep your "regular"… Read More »

Temp-to-Hire: When and Why It Makes Sense for Employers

Your business is shorthanded.  You could use a few more people, but you’re reluctant to hire anyone full-time because of the economy.  Is it time to bring in temporary workers?  What are the costs and benefits of such a move? There are a number of benefits to using a temp. One of… Read More »