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What’s “IT” All About?

By Kara Supple, Recruiting Assistant

I recently read an article titled; “Tech hiring accounts for 10% of U.S. employment gains” and a quote by David Foote, chief analyst, caught my eye, “While the pace of job creation in the national labor force appears stuck at 7.6% unemployment and new jobs are heavily in part-time positions and low wage full-time segments, IT jobs have been on a sustained growth upswing and wages are holding steady if not growing slightly.” What does this all mean? How does this apply to the market in Syracuse, New York?

Here at C.R. Fletcher Associates our Information Systems Recruiter, Elizabeth Eley, gave me a better understanding of the IT world, jobs she recruits for, why candidates should be using C.R. Fletcher, and information about herself. Elizabeth is a graduate of Wheaton College.  When asked why IT recruiting, Liz shared that IT recruiting is a good mix of learning the technical, but interacting with people too.

Kara: “Liz, let’s start with some fun questions.  What song best describes your work ethic?”

Liz: “The Distance” by Cake

Kara: “Give me one word that describes you.”

Liz: “Eclectic.”

Kara: “That’s a great word. What book do you think everyone on the C.R. Fletcher Team should read?”

Liz: “I grew up in Alaska. A River Runs Through It because one of my favorite Alaskan pastimes is fly fishing.”

Kara: “Tell me more about the IT market as it applies to Syracuse.”

Liz: “Honestly, Central, NY is strongest for anything web-based as well as software development.”

Kara: “What do you look for in potential IT candidates?”

Liz: “I look at the candidate’s skill set and work history. I consider their soft skills, such as communication, how well do they get along with others, interpersonal skills, and the cultural fit for the potential company.”

Kara: “We’ve talked a bit about what you noticed in the Syracuse market. What do you look for in a candidate, what is the biggest change you have seen in the last 5 years?”

Liz: “Companies are looking for candidates who have the experience. The market can be selective. Technology hiring is on the rise.  Having a good command of technology is important for any position.”

Kara: “So Liz, you and I know why C.R. Fletcher is an important part of the community, but tell our readers and potential candidates, why C.R. Fletcher?”

Liz: “C.R. Fletcher is committed to Central New York. We have established great relationships. In terms of IT, we have been in IT recruiting for over 10 years.  Our relationships are mutually beneficial. C.R. Fletcher works in the best interest of our clients. Our motto is “we achieve great results with great people.”

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