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Why not Volunteer?

With the holidays right around the corner, why not take a few hours of your time and volunteer?  Many organizations are looking for volunteers to help make the holidays a happy time for everyone.  If you think there is not enough time to volunteer, organizations are very willing to work around any schedule, and various shifts are usually available!  Whether you are looking to volunteer on a daily or weekly basis, there are many opportunities out there for you.

The benefits of volunteering are endless.  While you are volunteering your time and helping out others, you are also helping yourself.  According to the World Volunteer Web, the benefits of volunteering can be both personal and professional.

On a personal level volunteerism helps you:
1. Become an active member of your community.
2. Find new hobbies, talents, and interests.
3. Feel a sense of self-achievement while making a difference to others.

On a professional level volunteerism helps you:
1. Boost your resume!
2. Build valuable connections.  Networking is key tool in the job search
3. Improve your skills.  Volunteering can help you develop new skills, while
also improving the skills you already have.
4. Stay engaged.  If you are unemployed, there is no better way to use your
time than volunteering.

In just a few hours you can help out an organization, feel great about what you have done, and even boost your resume. To find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you, please visit or

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