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Your Bosses Favorite

Recently, while perusing some publications by Forbes, an article caught my attention strictly due to its title.  “9 Ways To Win Over Your Boss”, written by a Forbes staff member named Jacquelyn Smith.

This got me thinking to the days in High School and College where as a student, most would strive to be one of the teachers favorites, hoping that would lead to better test scores and a strong final average.  If you were not one of the “teacher’s pets”, I am sure you at least knew one or two individuals that easily fit into that category.  The students that were always smiling-hands raised- full of correct answers.  Fast forwarding through the years, you are no longer a student, but instead an employee.  There are no more teachers, but instead bosses. You may have been able to win your teacher over with an apple, but how do you win over your Boss?

The basic foundation and principles still remain.  Arrive to work early.  Work hard.  Be a team player.

However, per the article published by Forbes, there may be a few other key aspects that may put you right at the head of the class.  An individual interviewed for the article, named Anita Attridge, stated that “Building a strong relationship with your boss will give you a better understanding of his or her expectations.”  How do you work on building a strong relationship?  Here are some tips that will surely help you get that A+!

The author, Jacquelyn Smith, states that you should not only do your job, but do it well.  Do not simply “punch in and punch out”, your work is a product and direct reflection of you.  Take pride in it and work for a great final product.

Show initiative.  What were those students in High School doing when they were constantly raising their hands with answers?  They were showing initiative.  Next time your Manager or Boss asks if their are any volunteers for a project or work trip, raise your hand.

Explain and provide indicators of your passion and interest for your company.  Make it clear and evident to your Boss that you are not interested in the company for the short-term, but instead for the long-term.  As stated in the article, “Over time you’ll develop into a valued employee…”.

Try these simple tips for the remainder of 2013 and you may find that 2014 is your year to shine!

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