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Category Archives: HR Best Practices

Standard Offer Letters

By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR Employers spend countless days, weeks, months and even years searching for that “perfect” qualified candidate to fill available positions within their organizations.  With the amount of time and money spent during the interview process, once that qualified candidate is found, as a hiring manager you want to… Read More »

Spring Cleaning

By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR As HR professionals, there is an obligation to maintain a filing and record system that not only allows you to obtain the information you need in a timely fashion, but also follows all federal and state laws when it comes to record-keeping requirements. With Spring right around… Read More »

Drug Free Work Environment

By: Marielle Lanoir, PHR There are many reasons as to why an organization would want to promote a drug free working environment; the most common way to achieve this is through conducting drug testing which will help to ensure the workplace remains as safe and productive as possible. Unsure what steps to… Read More »

One More Year….

Last week, specifically on July 3, 2013, the United States Department of the Treasury made an announcement that the mandates requiring certain employers to provide health coverage to their employees or face monetary fines has been postponed until 2015. What does this mean?  Simply put it means employers have one more… Read More »