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New Trends in Hiring Using Social Media

Companies will be ramping up their hiring once the economy really starts to recover, but the way they do it may include some different techniques.  Because of cuts to recruiting offices during the recession, companies are looking for more cost-efficient ways to recruit.  As a result, they are turning more… Read More »

The Value of High-Level Contract Staff

When companies think of hiring temporary workers, it’s usually clerical or mid-level managers that come to mind.  But more and more in the fast-paced business world, companies are turning to contract employees to fill executive level positions, including CFOs and CEOs. In today’s business environment, companies often cannot afford to go… Read More »

What is Temp-to-Hire and Why You Should Consider It

If your company needs more personnel, but is not sure for how long, or if you want to try out a new employee, temp-to-hire staffing may be the way to go. With temp-to-hire an independent firm will advertise the job, evaluate resumes, interview the applicants, and test them in the relevant… Read More »

Motivating Temporary Employees

If you use temporary employees on a regular basis, you're undoubtedly finding how critical they are to your company's long- and short-term success. You even may be using temporary employees in positions that are critical to company's future. And, while you know how important it is to keep your "regular"… Read More »

Dealing with High Turnover

If you're dealing with high employee turnover, our sympathies, because many human resource experts say that if a company is experiencing high turnover, that company is in crisis. Here are some tips on how to deal with high turnover. Many employees do leave for greener pastures. As in, companies that pay them… Read More »

Temp-to-Hire: When and Why It Makes Sense for Employers

Your business is shorthanded.  You could use a few more people, but you’re reluctant to hire anyone full-time because of the economy.  Is it time to bring in temporary workers?  What are the costs and benefits of such a move? There are a number of benefits to using a temp. One of… Read More »

How and Why to Give Feedback to Your Recruiting Service

For recruiting services, maintaining good communication with hiring managers is important.  It improves the chances for hiring the best person for the job. Feedback is also important for finding out how the candidate perceived the interview process.  The recruiting service should get in touch with the candidate shortly after his or… Read More »

Tips for Writing Effective Candidate Rejection Letters

Even though most people understand that applying for a job is "business," and therefore any rejection isn't personal, it's still stings a bit to receive a rejection letter, especially if the candidate really wanted the position. In fact, what really stings applicants is receiving a form rejection letter. Here are some… Read More »

Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking

Interview Questions You Should Avoid Asking Interviewing candidates can be a true minefield. Ask the "wrong" questions and you could be setting yourself up for a discrimination lawsuit. Here are some questions you should not ask job applicants, as well as some alternative questions you may ask that will give you the… Read More »